Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"It's a Beautiful Day"

It was a beautiful, sunny Cape Cod day today. The best thing about it was that the girls didn't have school (and don't all week). When I was little, we had a house in Ogunquit, Maine. One of my favorite places in the world. Anyway, we would open up our cottage during April vacation. It seemed every April vacation was cold and rainy and sometimes snowy. One time we made snowbunies because it was near Easter and it snowed! My mom would usually lose patience with us by mid-week and we would go home. Must be the global warming thing or something, but this week has been fabulous!

This morning, we went and checked up on DH who was working on boats before he went fishing tonight.
These are our 2 boats.

This is K with Gretel on the boat. Yes, they have the same curly hair. Later in the day, Gretel tried to jump into the water.

We also collected a bunch of stuff on the beach for B because she went to a Fairy house building afternoon at the library. Of course I had to take a few pictures because there are now colors in the world other than gray, brown and gray.

B and K, too cool for school!

We dropped B at the library where she made a fabulous fairy house! Maybe a fairy will come live in it tonight and leave her a present. She has a pool, bed, bathroom and swing at her pad. And with all the flowers, it smells delicious! What fairy wouldn't want to spend a night or 2 here?

Tomorrow we are headed off Cape to visit my dear friend and her kiddos. We are considering going to the beach because it is going to be 80!? Do I dare even dream that it could get to 80 tomorrow? The thing about Cape Cod, is that this weather could all be a big tease and we could be back in the 50's for weeks on end in May and even June. Better enjoy it while it is here! Hope the weather where you are is nice!


Melisa Wells said...

Wow, have a great time! I'm jealous! (of going to the Cape...)

It's actually mid-70s today here, thank goodness. Spring has sprung!

scargosun said...

Oh! The pictures just make me want to hop in the car and go! Someday I will live there year round.

Suburbia said...

At last the waether here is warm. Like you though it is unlikely to last.
The fairy house is lovely. I hope you get visitors!

OHmommy said...

Thank goodness for spring weather!

isnt it awesome?

KathyLikesPink said...

It has been a glorious week of sunshine and warmth in Massachusetts this week! What a great spring break!

Blessings From Above said...

Love the fairy house idea. My daughter would be so in to that.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can!

Don Mills Diva said...

OMG just looking at Gretel makes me want to go home and resume bugging hubby for a dog!