Friday, November 2, 2012

Frag'n Friday

It's been eons or so since I did a Fragmented Friday, but I thought, "Hey, what's holding you back?", so here you go......

Mommy's Idea

*There is a man in China who should have his right to bear children revoked. He had a baby with his wife and then divorced her because their baby was so ugly. He even did a paternity test because he accused her of cheating. The baby was found to be his. He divorced her anyway because he could not stand the site of the baby. He found out that she had had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before they had met.  He sued her on grounds of duping him because he had not known about the plastic surgery. And, the kicker, HE WON AND WAS GRANTED 120,000 DOLLARS. I hope he has to pay it back to her in alimony.

*A shout out to my friend Liz and her family who are smack dab in the middle of hurricane Sandy hell. They live in New Jersey and have not had power or school all week.

*I thought trick or treating was for smaller children, but guess who still went trick or treating on Wednesday night? Yes, my two. I thought maybe they would want to spray some shaving cream, wrap some one's house in tp or something sort of malicious (short of scaring the wits out of some little kids), but no. Fine with me because they brought home lots and lots of candy.

K was a black cat and B was a giraffe...

B did K's hair to look like ears! One of her friends tried to pull off her "ears" because he had no idea they were actually attached to her!

B's friend went as a cow. They bought these costumes off some sketchy website, but they were so cute!

*I am doing NaBloPoMo which somehow translates into blog every day in November. I am pretty sure this will make my Uncle giddy and perhaps myself insane. We'll see how it goes.....

*Have a great weekend! Looks like we may have another storm next week. OY!!


Paty said...

They look so cute with their costumes!!! :D Nice job with the ears B :)

Karen and Gerard said...

Older kids still like candy too--at least they dressed up in costumes. I say good for them!

Doreen said...

Welcome back I've missed your fragments.
The girls look adorable and I am with you...candy:)
Our Halloween was postponed until this Wednesday because of the storm. I was sad but the kids will be much safer this way.
Have a fabulous weekend!