Thursday, November 8, 2012

2 Weeks Until Thanksgiving (AKA: Black Friday Eve)

I have written about Black Friday before (here, here) because I love, love, love the idea of a bargain! It is not just a bargain, it is the thrill of the hunt. The Christmas music blaring, people calling each other from different stores comparing deals, the more or less happy store workers and the sales, oh the sales!

So as I have said before, my strategy is to hunker down on Thanksgiving in front of the fireplace and pour through the advertisements. I have pen, paper, glue and scissors at hand. I cut, I frantically write, I may even glue a picture of something to my list, I am at my peak of organization. I strategize on what store opens when and how I will go from one place to the other while making the most out of my time. No, I do not have all day. I go out at 5am and am home by 12. I can't even begin to think of staying later, too many people!!!

This is crazy and unheard of to some, but it works for me. It was even better when the girls were little because toys are on sale, often for less than 50%off!! Last year, I brought K. She is already raring to go again this year.

Now, yes, I could sit home on my computer and order everything online. (Boring) Or I could wait until CyberMonday and order things online (boring). I could just skip (oh the horrors) Black Friday and shop like a normal person. Yet, I like the exhilaration of being out in the crowds.

That said, this year is different. I have already received emails about Black Friday deals. What? 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and they are giving the anticipation away? I am disappointed. What about my traditions?! I need to cut, write, paste, map out a plan on Thanksgiving. Some people take a nap that day, not me, I spend it scheming and planning. I don't know what 2 weeks of scheming and planning will do to my ultimate goal.

What do you think? Should I start the strategizing now, or hold off for 2 weeks?


Ps Thompson said...

You are CRAZY to go out of your home, much less into the stores that day. Is your boyfriend going too ?

Mrs4444 said...

As if you're going to stop cuz I tell you to.haha

LOVE, love that commercial. I was planning to go as the Target lady for our Halloween party this year, but then we cancelled it! :( Maybe next year...

Pearl Maple said...

fab collection of commercials you are sharing, they are so funny, happy thanksgiving to you and yoru family or (black frid eve planning)

Melisa Wells said...

I think it's just one more example of how technology is ruining our old school traditions. :)

I don't shop on Black Friday anymore but I have to say if I were in your hamlet I would go with you.