Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sundays In My City

Unknown Mami

Last night we went out to dinner at the Noble House to celebrate my nephew, Sam, moving to Colorado for the winter to work at the Winter Park Ski Area. The Noble House is a Japanese restaurant where they cook on a hibachi right in front of you. It's the place my nephews pick when they are allowed a "special" restaurant. 

I love when all the cousins are together cracking each other up!

Who knew rice could be so fun to cook?

The chef loves to cook up some eggs and then try to get a piece in everyone's mouth. The first pic is Sam trying to catch it. Carlos, the chef, tried to have a little fun with B and told her to close her eyes while he filled up a spatula of egg. 

The high point of the night is the onion volcano. It may have singed someone's eyebrows. Just kidding.
It will be weird not having Sam around for the winter, but I can pretty much guarantee a return trip to the Noble House when he gets home in April!


Tara R. said...

Good luck to Sam on his winter adventure. The onion volcano is very cool. Glad to hear that your eyebrows are intact.

April said...

It looks like you all had a very fun time! Cool onion Volcano. I have never heard of that before.

Claudya Martinez said...

That place is like a food adventure park.