Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Girl Thing

I spent parts of  2 days last week doing something good for myself.

And no, it did not include manicures, facials, chocolate or wine.

I had my annual GYN appt. and a mammogram. (If you are a guy and are blushing, feel free to come back tomorrow.) You have to take care of the inside as much as you take care of the outside.

This being said, I spent some time in the past 2 days, wearing  beautiful pink johnnies. I swear I tried to take a picture of myself in one, but my iPhone camera wasn't working. I took my iPhone straight to the iPhone God at Verizon, where he fiddled with it and fixed it. See...

Adrian is the best of the best when it comes to figuring out phones.

Anyway, back to my johnny....
I am curious to know if there is a certain way to sit comfortably and modestly in a johnny.

One can adopt the Cosmo pose of laying down on the table on your side and welcoming you Dr. with a wink and a smile.

There is the Good Posture award pose, where you would be sitting up straight, legs dangling, but this  usually only lasts for about 3 minutes until your back starts hurting from actually sitting up straight.

One can always try the slouch, but try holding in your stomach while you are slouching. Not a good look.

Crossing your legs is really awkward in a johnny.

Once you figure out how to sit, then you have to figure out what to do. Counting freckles, wondering how much Purel a Dr's office goes through a day, reading all the flyers on the wall even if they have nothing to do with you (where to get a flu shot, how to figure out your time of ovulation, newborn class), trying to listen to the Dr. talk to the patient in the next room(they should really supply glass cups to make this easier), or do you pull out your phone.

If you pull out your phone, where do you put it when the Dr. comes in? Awkward. I think my new invention will be fancy johnies with pockets for phones.....or snacks.

I should have them out by the year 2113....


Momo Fali said...

I like that idea! Please give us a pocket!

And given the pose the doctor sees us in during the exam, I would go with lying on your side and winking.

Anonymous said...

Those THINGS have a name? Who knew.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Dr this morning and the Johnnie only came to your waist! It was great. Of course, I was able to keep my pants on because it was a top exam! Oh, the things you learn in the Dr.s office. It was bright pink, by the way - The Johnnie.

Melisa Wells said...

I'm with Momo on the pose and the pocket, and with Anonymous in just learning that those things have a name. Learn something new every day I guess!