Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's a Birthday!

Turning 42 is not quite as eventful as turning 6 or 11 or 40 for that matter, but I had a good day nonetheless. Was sung to, got a pedicure and had lunch with my mom, had a quite afternoon, have a facebook page of Happy Birthdays and had Chinese for dinner with my family and CAKE.

In my mailbox today, I received the most beautiful necklace with a starfish, sand dollar and pearl on it. Unfortunately it came without a message of who sent it. I can't figure out how to call the place it came from. Would anyone like to take credit? I would love to thank you properly!


Mary Ellen said...

It was probably your Secret Admirer! Everybody needs one of those!

tamilyn said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good day :)

Melisa Wells said...

It wasn't me, but I was tempted for a moment to try and take the credit! Bwahahaha!

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Happy Birthday Sue!!


PS - Presents ROCK!!! (even anonymous ones!)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Mags said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Did you ever find out who sent your necklace?

I turned 42 this year...while we were at Disney. Everybody should celebrate their birthday there at least once in their lifetimes.