Monday, March 23, 2009

Skiing, finally!

We finally went skiing for the first time this year on Friday and Saturday. Friday we went with my family to Wachussett, a mountain in MA. We had lots of fun and then the girls and I drove to Newport, VT to meet up with 2 friends and 3 kids to ski at Jay Peak. Yesterday, we drove 325 miles home. Here is my ode to Jay Peak.

The day dawned bright and sunny,
The tickets were free and cost us no money!
The girls were dressed, one on skis, one on a board,

Down the slopes, they shussed
and roared.
One small attitude problem, led to taking a walk,
Moral improved after a stern 'talk'.
A wedding appeared, as I was sunning on the deck,
Girls in toeless high heels, in the snow, What the heck?
Weddings follow us, wherever we go,
Who knew we would see one in Vermont on the snow?
Our VT journey continues in tomorrow's muse,
It includes Canada, a party and stunning views.


Melisa Wells said...

Free AND cost you no money? LOL

Very fun. I am terrified to ski. And ice skate (I used to do it alot). And roller blade. And other activities that could potentially lay me up for weeks if I injure myself. I'm a sissy.

Mary Ellen said...

Looks like fun! Those girls in the wedding party look a little cold, though!