Monday, March 23, 2009

Vermont weekend, part deux

As I think I had mentioned, we were 2 miles from Canada. My girls being the neglected things they are, have never been to Canada. Being the heck of a mom I am, I drove them to the border. Their first reaction.... "Canada looks a lot like the United States."

After avoiding the questions from the border police, we peacefully went back to the very cute house we were staying at. I couldn't get enough pictures of this barn. It was just SO cute!

While the adults went out to dinner, the kids decorated the house with streamers and balloons for a surprise birthday celebration for ME! We were met at the door with "SURPRISE!" and "SHIT, THE TOILET IS OVERFLOWING!" It could have been the other way around because to the kids I am not sure which was more exciting! Flooding solved and cake eaten, all in all a great day!!!

Before we left, I got a picture of the 5 kids in front of the barn (of course). It was snowing a bit to add to the charm. 
Then we hopped in the car to drive the 315 miles home with a couple of stops at key stores. New Hampshire is synonymous with outlets and state liquor stores and as a bonus: really cheap gas!

PS, Birthday is Thursday, just incase you needed to know!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday reminder, Sue, just in case I could forget. I love the barn also!

WeaselMomma said...

What a great time you must've had. Happy Birthday a little early!