Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Me, "Hey girls, I have a physical tomorrow."

B, "Is that with Dr. Reilly?"

Me, "No, it's just a regular physical."

K, "What is Dr. R?"

Me, "He is a plumbing Dr."

K, "What does that mean?"

B, "It means he is a vagina-ologist."


Mary Ellen said...

That's one for the new dictionary! Cute.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy, happy birthday, Sue. You deserve it and be good to yourself. That B. is pretty funny!!!

Laski said...

Well, at least that makes more sense than a gyno. I mean, what the heck is a gyno!?!?

Melisa Wells said...

Does that mean that men go to a Penologist?

claudia said...

Happy Birthday Sue!
I got the hint from ME's blog today!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Only remarkable women were born today!

I hope you have fun - make sure your family treats you right!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday - hope you are doing somehting FUN - other than going to the doctor!!