Monday, March 9, 2009

Jumpin' Fools!

I went to my first Jump Roping Competition on Saturday.

Hmm, that statement makes it sound like I was jumping. Ha Ha NO! I would be in intensive care if i had to do what I saw those kids doing!

B was jumping and she did a fantastic job for her first competition. Everyone on her team won at least 1 medal! Some of the kids (overachievers), won 6 or 7!

What are my conclusions about jumping?

*There are all walks of life involved in jumping.

*Our team's feet are  pretty lucky to be sponsored by New Balance. (They all get matching sneakers.)

*It's funny to watch kids get in the zone when they are jumping for speed.

*I watched a double's freestyle act where the 2 girls that were in it got so mad during their 45 second routine that they stormed off in 2 different directions. 

*Wooden bleachers hurt my butt after a few hours.

* B was not happy that her freestyle routines didn't medal. After I explained to her that this is her first year jumping and her first competition ever and she did come away with 2 medals for other speed events, I had to give her some sage advice. This is straight from my dad.
"Say 3 Awwww Shits and get on with it" She looked at me like what? You want me to say that? I made her say it aloud and it at least made her crack up.

I am looking for a comfy bleacher seat for the BIG competition in one month in Portsmouth, NH. 

Big Sissy has to look "cool".
B and her number 2 fan, Nana. (I am the number 1 fan!)
During her freestyle event.
The very cute ending pose.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Way to go B!!! Those pics are awesome!!


Jillian said...

How do they not pee themselves? I think about jumping and have to excuse myself to "go". Oh to be young again... Wait I remember having this issue in HS, Mr B's class with Karen I had an "accident"... Anyways, good for them and much props too because the cardio one must have for jumping rope is impressive!