Thursday, March 19, 2009

"that mom"

Not that I really want to be talking about Octomom, but she is like something I can't look away from. I heard a clip from her on the radio today and I tried to find it so you too could hear it, but I couldn't. You will have to accept my quote as pretty accurate. 

When asked if she has had work done on her lips to make them so puffy like Angelina's, she replied, " I am 50 or so pounds overweight right now. When I lose the weight, my lips will look more normal."

Damn, I wish I had gained some baby weight in my lips! Why was most of it gained in my stomach and ass? How could my lips have looked exactly the same throughout my whole pregnancy?

God Bless her children.


Summer said...

Who is that woman kidding? Is it even possible to gain or lose weight in your lips?! She is in so much denial she probably believes that. My baby weight went every place but my lips. I heard another quote by her when she moved into her new house, "I earned this" The woman is nuts and I feel badly for her innocent children.

Mary Ellen said...

Yikes. She is so scary. How stupid does she think we are? Her poor children!

I was blessed with overweight lips already - I didn't have to wait for the baby weight...

Melisa Wells said...


That is all.

(and bless those children, from me too.)