Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facebook- Like

Are you surprised that Facebook stock went down yesterday?

Do you care?

Did you buy any?

I did not buy any, but maybe if it keeps going down and gets to my price range ($1-$5), I might buy some.

I love Facebook. I mean I love the idea of it. I love looking at people's pictures and seeing what they are up to. Where else can you see what your friend from elementary school is doing? People might ask, "Why do you care what she is doing?". That is a valid point, but I have always loved a good story. OK, and I am nosy. Curious might be a better word.

Already today, I got to look at pictures from Paris, pictures from China and a cool video from Naperville North High School. I learned that chocolate martinis are not good to down like candy on a first date, that Caroline is enjoying retirement, that a friend has a sick puppy and 4 of my friends put up new blog posts. I can connect to stores, companies, blogs and private groups. Plus, I am playing 5 games of Words with Friends all at the same time!

What surprises me is all the people that are NOT on Facebook. I think that Facebook is such a common social media site that everyone should be on it. Why not? Why not find out about what that guy from HS who you had a crush on is doing now? Why not share what you are doing? Maybe people are curious (yes, like me)? It annoys me to no end when I want to see what a ghost from my past is doing and they are not on Facebook. Or how about the single guy that I see every night in the gym? He is not on Facebook, nor his teenage daughters, nor his ex-wife. Ok, maybe that is a little stalkerish, but I want background! In a world of information, I want all the information I can get.

One of my best friends is not on Facebook. I am not sure why. She would be fun on it. I think that she has poopooed (what? yes, that is a word) it for so long that if she had an account it would go against her principle of making a point. Sure there are the people that abuse Facebook. Seriously, the world does not need to know the details of a hot night out with your husband, or listing what you did each day like it is a diary or trashing/bullying people. I worry about my daughters on it sometimes because kids can be mean. It's hard to read into words on a page without facial cues or speech inflection.

However, the pluses for me, outweigh the negatives at the moment. That does not mean I might change my mind some day, but that's a woman's prerogative, right?

If you are on Facebook and want to follow my blog, you may do so here.

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Jillian said...

Your brother doesn't have one either... What is up with that? We all know he gets on his wife's FB and stalks all of us:)
I am too a FB "watcher"... I also currupted your sister , she was really not a fan of FB at the begining but look at her now.