Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Flowers? Love The Farm!

In my new quest to achieve blooming flowers all summer long, I have become a big fan of The Farm in Orleans. My sister and my mom have been big fans about this "farm" for a long time. They never would invite me to go with them because they knew the thought of planting something made me break out in hives. My sister asked my mom to go there on my mom's birthday a few weeks ago and I asked if I could tag along. After they got up off the floor, they agreed.

They have all sorts of trees, bushes, flowers and even FAIRY GARDENS there.

What fairies wouldn't love to rest their little wings on these chairs?

 See what I mean? LOOK at all these flowers! And that's only one greenhouse (they have a bunch!).

 So many different types of flowers.... I could have taken pictures all day.
Taking pictures of flowers has always been "my thing", way more than planting and growing flowers. This year, I am trying both. That's right, when my plantings start to bloom, watch out, there will be an explosion of flowers on this page! If you want your own flowers, then go check out The Farm, they are very helpful to newbies like me!

I wrote this on my own free will because I love my new found hobby and how it adds to my photo hobby. And one of the owners' name is Sassy.  Fantastic, right? The only thing that would make the place better was if they had money trees for sale. 


Anonymous said...

We love the Farm in Orleans! Everyone is so fun and happy there. How could you not be? Now we have Sue hooked so we will just go and go! My pots are beautiful along with the hanging baskets. If you need to bring a smile to your face go and visit the Farm. Soon you will be able to have a tour of Sue's handi work in her garden. Nana

Anonymous said...

I think we should make a Fairy Garden!

Patty said...

Gorgeous pictures! Good luck with the planting. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww Mama! You look so cute!!!