Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who Knew My Daughter Could Take Pics?

I am up early on a Saturday, nothing new there.

It is K's birthday Eve and we are having a Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/Birthday party tonight. I was looking for a pic to put on K's FB wall and found this one

We were at Disney and she took a fancy to Mickey's? car. Almost time for her to drive. Seriously?

I took the picture of the picture with the camera that she took on her solo trip to Florida over vacation week. When I downloaded the pictures, I realized that she took 2 amazing photos of the space shuttle flying over the Cocoa Beach area. Had to share, they are really cool!

Time to go make some cupcakes! Have a great day/weekend!


Anonymous said...

I remember how you loved that car, K. How can it possibly be almost time for you to drive it for real? Where has the time gone? Maybe instead of a GPS for you next year, we should get you a nice camera. Great shots! I'll bet that was amazing to see. Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing pictures! :)