Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kentucky Derby: It's Not Just About the Horses

When thinking of the Kentucky Derby, one might think of horses first.

In our house, we think: HATS.

Not necessarily beautiful expensive hats like these...

We like to make our own and add our own flair.

First you need to hit up your local craft store, um, maybe a few times, and lay everything out on the table.

It's helpful to call all your friends before you start decorating.

Let's just say things can get crazy and some people get competitive. B and I were going for height. (and color...)

My sister went for the garden effect... Baby R thought we were all nuts, nothing new there.

It is important to give your sister an A+ for effort for attempting to make mint juleps. (They were yucky, all that good whiskey down the drain.) And a pat on the back to mom who made tacos to go with the Cinco de Mayo sub-theme. And a thumbs up to the extra guests who were part of the family by the time the sole man at the party (poor dad) took this keeper on the deck!

And wasn't it just perfect that the horse who won the race was named "I'll have another....".


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Next year, I am SO crashing the party :)

Anonymous said...

I so love the Hat Party for the derby! :)

Melisa Wells said...

I love that you had a Cinco de Mayo SUB-THEME. So funny!