Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Junk for Sale

Every house has a junk drawer or closet.

I liked to say that I did not have a junk drawer. I liked to believe that everything had a place in my home, but I was wrong. (Yes, even the mighty are wrong once and awhile.)

Yesterday, I tackled that drawer, aka "crowded drawer", but really was junk drawer. Once I got it open, I emptied it on the kitchen table.

Let's play ispy. I spy some candles, some purel, a stamp, an oven thermometer, markers and a tape measure.

I also found this.....

 I have no idea what that is. Do you?

Also, my girls have adopted my cheap sunglasses addiction. 5 pairs in that drawer alone. Ooops.

Now I have a drawer that is organized and half full.

Yeah, give it a week.....


Tara R. said...

Only one junk drawer? Amateur... when mine get so full I can't open them, it's time to reorganize and throw some crap away.

I'm diggin' the red and rhinestone heart shades though.

Melisa Wells said...

Pretty impressive collection of glasses you have there!

I am feeling the itch to go through my junk drawer(s) and junk cabinet(s)...