Friday, May 25, 2012

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Fridays before 3 day weekends are perfect for fragments! I mean who can think full thoughts with a 3 day weekend coming up?!

*If you read yesterday (and you should), I do not have any results other than that my x-ray was normal.

*K was in a horse show last weekend and did extremely well!

*It's not every day you can do a handstand in front of a windmill.

*Photos for 2 weddings this weekend!

*The tourists have arrived! I almost hit a handful of them downtown this afternoon. I guess tourists have an aversion to walkways when crossing the street.

*P only has one month left with us :(  Poor thing, her friends in Chile keep sending her photos of the snow on the ground there. (She lives in the south of Chile where they are entering their winter.)

*My brother is going to be a dad in less than a month. This thought just keeps me giggling.

*Thanks to all the men and women who served and do serve to protect our country.

*Have a fantastic weekend!


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I cannot do a handstand, period. Have a GREAT weekend, my friend!

Nani said...

I can barely do a foot stand now! LOL

Enjoy the 3-day weekend!!

Bill Lisleman said...

your handstand? If so did you tell the doctor? Might be the cause of pluggy ears.
Have a great weekend - no points for hitting tourist.

Anonymous said...

Summer is here. No more turning around in the middle of Maine Street till October. Kind of nice to go downtown today and see lots of people in our little piece of heaven. Now they need to spend their money in our stores. My baby will have a baby in less than a month. Wow! Have a great weekend. Nana

Mrs4444 said...

I guess the tourists are a necessary evil, huh? :)

Loved the horse competition photo!

Thanks for linking up. Have a good weekend!