Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to K!

K's 15th Birthday was yesterday.

All weekend we were crazy busy with activities surrounding her birthday including Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby and B's swim banquet..... On the girl's birthdays I usually write a post about them. Last night at 9:30 having just gotten home from the swim banquet, K says, "Hey, you didn't write my birthday post". It's funny when something is important to them and you truly have no idea.

So K, here you go....

Dear K,
You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady. You are gorgeous, unique and smart. (For once, just read these things and believe them ok?) I know how hard it is to be a teenager because I once was one in the non-techie dark ages. You want to like yourself, but it seems cooler and more natural not to like yourself. You will come out of the teen years liking, if not loving, yourself. Promise.

I imagine that it must be hard having so much technology at your fingertips. It makes you need to know everything immediately which is good, but sometimes it is good to wait. Don't ever forget that it is nice to actually smell flowers or cake baking. (Something you cannot do on your iphone.) Also, feeling the sun shining down on your head or running through rain drops is nice, too. Actually speaking with people face to face is more effective than texting.

I am not here to lecture you on your birthday, just giving you some gentle reminders that real life happens while you are on your iphone and I don't want you to miss it.

The passion that you show while you sing makes me cry. I know that is embarrassing to you, but you will understand when your own child is standing on a stage belting out a song or scoring a goal playing a big game. And, yes, I am a little jealous because I would love to stand on a stage and sing like that and I think we all know that I cannot. (Talk about embarrassing!)

So, my little fiery red head, I am blessed to be your mom. Yes, we disagree about some things, but try to keep in the back of your mind that I have reasons for my decisions. Sometimes they will not make sense to you now, but later (hopefully) you will appreciate them.

I could go on and on, but I am crying already and I don't want to pick you up with puffy swollen eyes. (More embarrassment.) I love your Wish, Hope, Dream motto.

Love you gabillions <3

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Anonymous said...

You, my dear are a unique young lady. See yourself as something special because you are. You have much talent to be shared. Have a wonderful year and don't be tooo hard on your Mom. Mom's get bashed around which isn't fair but they will always always love you! We will be waiting for you to shine this year more beautiful than ever! Love, Nana