Thursday, May 3, 2012

What To Write About?

All bloggers have those days where they want to write, but have no idea what to write about. Well, at least I am assuming this happens to all bloggers, not just me. Gee, what if it only happens to me?

So I sit and stare at the screen and look back on previous posts to spark some creativity. I get nothing.

I think I should be cleaning something, doing something and yet, I sit here waiting for inspiration.

What I really should be doing is updating my resume, but that excites me as much as deep cleaning the living room.

I thought I had a post going about grocery shopping. I seem to buy 2 of everything. Why is that? I don't know, but I couldn't think of an amusing excuse.

Maybe I am stuck because there is a lot of stuff I would like to unload and write about, but it would/might hurt people's feelings. I am really about being amusing, not hurtful.

I could write about the conundrum of teenagers......but they read my blog.

I could blame my lack of inspiration on the weather. I always seem to use the weather as a an excuse for something. But, hello, it has been GRAY all week. Gray is not a good color for me.

So, how do I get out of this lack of writing inspiration without leaving you all depressed?

I'll just stick in this adorable picture of a little girl who is going to be 15 in 3 days.

Oh, and hey, if there is anything YOU want me to write about or if you have any questions I could answer, just leave me a little message :)


Melisa Wells said...

Wow! I love that picture. She's growing up so fast! Yikes!

(The puppy is pretty cute too. But K is REALLY cute.)

I think you should write about what you and your girls have learned from hosting an AFS student.

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ooh - Melisa has a great idea-AFS student blog post coming?

I love this line: I am really about being amusing, not hurtful.

That's really sweet and indicative of your personality. :)