Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby talk

Oooooh boy. B was on fire today with her comments. I have referred to her as my walking comedy didn't disappoint. We started moving my parents into their new home and B put herself in charge of "car duty". This was the person who slid the boxes to the edge of the truck, so the workerbees (yeah, me) could carry the stuff into the house. That was all fine and good and after, my Mom, sister, B and I went to DQ (Dairy Queen- it even has a drive-through!). B has been hitting my sister up pretty hard about having a baby (she would prefer her to have 4 right away). She said she had better hurry up or people would think she was a Grandma when her kids were in pre-school. She wasn't worried about my brother having kids because his girlfriend was only 24 "even though Tommy is pushing 35". We were all laughing about the "pushing" part and then she proceeded to tell my mom, "Well, you know Nana, you are pushing 68!"

My sister and her husband and (for the past 2 years) my mom and dad live in the same town as me. My sister started Sunday Night Suppah so we could hang out and begin the week on a fun note. You never know what the dinner table conversation will be. Tonight, we were stuck on the baby theme. "KK and Squishy need to have a baby soon." This, then turned to talks of uteruses. No, 'please pass the salt and pepper' for this family. B said that Nana's oven (uterus) was too old, mine was broken (as in not there), but KK's was just right. Poor Squishy gets a little red in the face when baby talk comes up. B had it all under control though. She figured if they had 4 kids, one could live with Squishy's parents, two could live with us (then K and B wouldn't have to fight over who was going to hold the baby) and one could live with my parents. KK and Squishy could visit the kids, but this way they could still ski, go out on the boat in the summer and hang out. Think of how easy problems would be solved if 9 year olds ran the world.

Of course, everyone has gone home now, my tribe is in bed, but I think Squishy is still quivering under the dining room table.


xxxx said...


(And thank you so much for the nice birthday wishes!)

Mustang said...

We may never see Squishy at a Sunday Suppa again!Thanks for the giggles and tacos tonight.

OHmommy said...

Im so jealous. I would love to live so close to family and get together often! You so lucky!

MsFish said...

You know how he loves to talk "baby" :) I think he has recovered so it may be time to get he and B back together for round 2! :) I think we might have to name our first born after B because it might be her 9 year old baby pressure that finally makes Sqishy give in. :)