Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve

Today is Easter Eve! We celebrated by going on an Easter egg hunt. A very smart real estate company in town combined 2 open houses with an egg hunt in their new development. Everyone from the egg hunt went thru the 2 houses. Now this could be genius or just stupidity. One of the houses was unfurnished and had soft yellow walls. Hopefully, because it was chilly, there were not too many chocolate hand prints on those nice yellow walls. The other house was staged with rental furniture (I am guessing). Lots of white in that house. Hopefully not too many jelly beans were smeared across the floor, couch, etc... Anyway, it was one way to get a bunch of people looking at your houses and land for sale!
There were a ton of kids and parents at this egg hunt. I have never seen anything look like a swarm of locust as these kids did. They were given the green light and they picked up everything in their path. Look at the haul these 2 cuties made!

Daddy went fishing tonight and will miss Easter. The girls were a little concerned that Daddy wasn't getting a holiday or candy. We took their 60 or so eggs from the egg hunt, filled them with daddy favorites like black jelly beans and then snuck down to his boat and hid all the eggs!
This is what he will see when he goes to drive the boat....

That is unless all the crab legs eat them first!

Happy Easter!

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KathyLikesPink said...

That picture of the eggs all around the boat are great!

Very cute girls! I have one Darling Daughter, she recently turned 13. It's a new world for both of us.

I live in Central Massachusetts. I LOVE CAPE COD and wish we could live there year 'round.