Monday, March 24, 2008

MCAS, blah

Egg salad for lunch, number 1. This will probably be followed by days 2 -7 as well.

My girls had a great Easter weekend and had to go back to school today for MCAS. These are the Massachusetts standardized testing units they use for graduation. Granted, you have to pass your sophomore year to graduate, but they start the stress in the 3rd grade. Sent B to school today with her wrist in an ace bandage. OK, so the story behind this is that I walked the dog while she rollerbladed Friday and she fell on her wrist. This is my daughter who is dying to have a cast, dying to get an xray and one day wanting to become a Dr. (a rich Dr. who can play golf when she wants, but a Dr. nonetheless). Sorry kid, no swelling, no black and blue and plenty of movement. Instead of the xray she got lots of frozen peas (hey, they form around the wrist better than ice) and an ace bandage. Very disappointing to her, but she got sympathy today with the ace bandage. She also had a slight cold, so I sent her with kleenex and a pencil sharpener and a few cough drops and a large bottle of water. One must be in traction to miss the MCAS. Also, once they start, there is no getting up until you are done.

As I was waiting in a Dr's office with my mom, who has had severe ciatic nerve problems since she and my dad started moving a month ago, the elementary school nurse called. Seems B's teacher did not appreciate the way she was trying to cough up a lung and the minute she was done with the test, he decided she should come home until test 2 which is Wed morning. OK, fine. When do I get my masters in medicine anyway. Doesn't experience count for anything?


Rebecca said...

Tell B that Caitlin calls the MCAS, MCASTS...funny since what B really wanted was a cast for her wrist. Thanks for your comment...I'll post pics of Dis was a blast!

S said...

Heh. Ben takes our state's assessments next week. His school sent a letter home: make sure your child eats a good breakfast, gets lots of sleep, and ATTENDS (regardless of illness, I assume).

I notice that the school doesn't send home this letter at the beginning of the year.

Could it have something to do with No Child Left Behind and funds either granted or not?

Hmm... I wonder... LOL! (I don't actually blame the school for this -- I blame Bush for having implemented such an asinine program as NCLB. But that's just my two cents.)

Hope she's feeling better soon.

Wineplz said...

still playing catch-up after my trip.

I went to the chiropractor for my sciatic pain...after two visits, the pain was nearly gone (and was extremely manageable at that point). Best part is that I didn't need to take any painkillers (not that any seem to help sciatic pain anyways). Might be an idea for your mom.