Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dancing Divas

The following post, Dancing Divas, is dedicated to Patrick Swayze (not that he is a diva, but dancer). Evidently he has pancreatic cancer. I am so sad because he is one of my favorite male dancers (hellooooo, Dirty Dancing) and he ain't too bad to look at either. Yummy!

Today was the first day of the Mom's Hip Hop class! It was very amusing and I may not be able to roll myself out of bed tomorrow. I used some muscles I didn't think I had. At least that means I still have some muscles. Sorry, no pictures to share.

So, the dancing bug is in the house tonight. At the talent show 2 girls did this cute act where one laid down and the other kneeled over her. So one was using arms, the other legs. It was very cute. K and B must have too much sugar today because they just tried to recreated it.

There were a few costume changes in the 20 minutes they spent doing this. Now, they are doing the waltz or something that K learned in music today. B is taller and stronger than K, so she usually gets the male role. K decided male dancers must wear all black.

I love my 2 hams. I hope they always have this much fun together!


Rebecca said...

You go girl with all the hip-hop action! Sounds like fun! That mom class must be hysterical!

Amy said...

You're taking a hip hop class? How fun is that!!

Laski said...

These pics are awesome. How cool that you are doing this! Inspiring!

Um, Patrick has cancer? I had no idea. This makes me so, so sad!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I've done the adult hip-hop classes. Yeah, you'll be freefalling yourself onto the toilet because those muscles will be barking.

Your girls are darling!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Buford Betty said...

WHAT cuties. Gotta love that red hair - and I bet she hates it. Yet women all over pay $$$ to get it.

The class sounds so fun. I grew up dancing and I love hip hop. I took an adult class at the Atlanta Ballet a while back but it's too far now that we're up in the 'burbs. There's no better workout!