Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice sunny and chilly day here on Cape Cod. I am stuffed to the gills with ham and a brownie sundae. Hope you all had a nice day, too!
Don't be fooled by the temp in this picture! I made them stand outside for 60 seconds withouth their jackets on so I could see their cute outfits! Chalk up another point in the best mom award category!


Amy said...

Hey, the children must suffer so mom can get a good picture! It's the least they can do for putting us through pregnancy and childbirth!

Wineplz said...

you can barely tell they're shivering!

Jules said...

That is too funny.
Their outfits are adorable, so you just gotta have a picture. They'll love you for it when they are older and you can show their boyfriends what really good kids do for their mom.

And so what did you do with all the colored eggs? My kids must have colored about 2 dozen, so we'll be having colored Easter eggs for ages.