Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living Museum

Today was the big day for the 3rd grade living museum exhibition! All the 3rd graders picked a person from history and studied that person for a month. Today, they all dressed up like their person and gave little speeches to the parents. Afterward, there was a little reception(it looked like the kids hadn't eaten all day when they saw the table full of goodies! I think they were so happy to have the museum part of the day over with). As I mentioned yesterday, B was Gwen Stefani. The video is of her in the gym giving her spiel and singing a little. She did a great job as did all the other kids! I wish I could show you their pictures. There was Hillary Clinton, Betsy Ross, Queen Elizabeth 1, Pedro Martinez, Junior Seau, Nancy Kerrigan, JFK, the guy who invented coca-cola and about 50 others.

And because of your requests for video, I signed up for youtube and figured out how to get a video on my blog! Yay me!

If you are looking for my BLOG PARTY, scroll down and look for the disco ball! Thanks for stopping by!


MsFish said...

Auntie KK is SO proud of you B! I love that you used my one random Fun Fact that I had about Gwen (Baby Kingston being named after a city in Jamaica!) Also happy that I could help my niece with SOME aspect of knowledge in her school career! :)

OHmommy said...

ummmm.... she is so cute.

And what a WONDERFUL voice. One of my most favorite songs.