Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Day After

Thank you eveyone for my birthday wishes! I even got a blog entry dedicated to me by my friend Rebecca over at Seaside Designs. She is the most creative person I know. She sells her beautiful ocean-y (new word!) jewelry, soaps, candles, lotions, sea glass creations, and more all over the country! Actually, you can see and buy some of her delightful creations here.

My day was busy and ordinary albeit for enjoying a lovely lunch with my mom and my dear friend, Faith and people shouting Happy Birthday every once and awhile, oh and dare I forget the presents! Had a maritime meeting, hip hop class, picked up girls from school, moved furniture around my parents house and took B to soccer practice. I was most eager to get B's card because of what she said the other night(scroll a few posts down).

This is what she wrote, "Dear Mommy, I love you so so so much and I've spent 9 years with you and hopefully there will be so many more to come! Happy Birthday! Love, B".

Yes, B, with any luck, there will be about another 60 or so(knock on wood). That's what I am working toward! Of course I did get rollerblades from my dear family, so I may be a little bruised!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the right-back-at-cha Sue! Sounds like your b-day was a busy but fun one. That note from B is precious...I love how 9 year olds think! Sorry I missed the meeting yesterday...I couldn't get to Chatham that early in the day. Hope it went well :)
xo, Becky