Saturday, March 1, 2008

Talent Show

Phew, it's over and I'm back in blog-world. What's over? The elem. school talent show that my friend and I direct. We had 2 very successful shows yesterday! This is our 4th year doing the talent show together in our K-4 elem. school. I LOVE doing it. This year there were 45 acts with about 100 kids. It always amazes me to see the kids get up on stage and perform. Each act is about a minute long and for that minute they are superstars. We hit the night off last night with a Kindergartener. singing God Bless America. He was amazing and brought more than one person to tears. We also had 2 dog acts, lots of dancing, piano solos, Irish step dancing, breakdancing, jumproping, singing and a glow in the dark act. The music ranged from Elvis to Hannah Montana. I do the music, so for the night I feel like a DJ. B was in the show (K is in middle school). She and her 2 bffs were in their matching pjs, had bears in strollers, did yoga, karate, gymnastics and formed a pyramid-yup all in 1:10. The elem school kids and teachers packed the house in the morning and parents, grandparents, etc packed the house for the evening show.

So today I can just rest on the adulation from last night and relax, right? Unfortunately, the down side of running the talent show is that your house is neglected. This is my kitchen table..

At least it's folded ! And here is my counter. UGH!
Yeah, being sick the week of the Talent Show was not good planning. So I am off to check my favorite blogs and see what I've missed this week. I will have to list them sometime for the rest of you. Maybe after I find out what color my counter is.


Mustang said...

I think we'll come for dinner!xgfonc

Jules said...

You know, my house ON A CLEAN DAY looks like this. Even your counter, underneath it all, looks clean!

I'm coming to live at your house. :)

Just Because