Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Baby Story

One of the blogs I read every day is My Semblance of Sanity
Michelle is very funny and even does a video blog on Thursdays. She is running a contest this week on people's baby stories. So sit back, enjoy, check out Michelle's site and maybe even add your own story!

K's birth.....
My DH was fishing in Maryland while I was pregnant with K, we weren't sure if he was going to be back for the birth, so my bff Faith went to lamaze class with me. I had such an amazing lamaze teacher, and Faith excelled at coaching me in my breathing, so I had decided to go with no epidural (rookie move). I was 5 days overdue and scheduled to be induced. The Dr. said to call the hospital first to make sure that there was room. "Sure", I thought," like there would be no bed for me-HA!" I was all set to go, called the hospital, yup, no room for me. I was pleading with the nurse on the phone, even volunteering for a guerney in the hallway. So I spent the weekend walking the beach, eating mexican, even having the s word. Anything to get this kid out of me.
Monday came and I had a nonstress test at the hospital. I went by myself because I felt fine and figured this kid was never coming out. During the stress test I had a few minor contractions, but they were not near each other. The nurse said I may as well go home because they were not regular. I forgot to mention that I had been 3 centimeters dialated for 2 weeks. Drove 1/2 hour home, talking to my mom on the phone, had a contraction and practically drove off the road. My DH was home from Maryland by then and in the front yard raking. (Maybe that's why he doesn't rake anymore?) I hung around until about 6pm, called Faith and said, "Let's go!". The 3 of us made ourselves comfy (not necessarily me) in our hospital room. We put Vacation in the VCR and settled back for the night. Maybe not settled. They popped my water and the contractions started to come stronger and quicker. My DH was useless (sorry honey), Faith was awesome. DH is very, very queasy around hospitals, needles, his wife being in pain, blood, etc... He would ask me nicely if I wanted ice chips and then Faith would scream, "Just give them to her, don't ask!" I had nubain which probably would have helped more if I didn't have my arm bent. The tube was smooshed between my arm.
Finally the Dr. comes in and says "OK you are ready to push". In my mind, I am thinking who the hell are you. I had seen all 4 Dr's in my practice, but no one told me there was another Dr. in another practice that might deliver. He had tape around the middle of his glasses. At this point I could have cared who delivered this kid. To make conversation he asked me what my name choices were. I said "Well if we get this done by midnight, the girl's name will by Margherita and the boy's name will be Jose." I think he wondered what I had been smoking. I said, "It's Cico de Mayo". Just to make sure I wasn't serious, I think he told me the wrong way to push so I didn't deliver K until 12:57am! When he asked who wanted to cut the cord all 3 of us were like"Um, no way, you take it!". Our faces must have been funny because we all looked horrified and practically spoke at the same time.
K was 8lbs 13oz with red fuzzy hair. I can't believe that she will be 11 in May! Time does fly!

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Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I was happy to share in your experience and a bit jealous that you got to have your BFF in there with you! :)