Friday, February 15, 2008

Hair or Ass?

OK, my eldest started off my day with,
a. you are the best mom in the world
b. you do too much for me
c. you look beautiful
d. your hair smells like throw-up.

Picked (d)? You win! Always a nice way to begin one's day. Just to annoy her, I didn't shower all day either. Ha Ha to you K! Actually I was consumed with cleaning...ok with singing and dancing to a very loud stereo system, but I was still cleaning. At one point my dog was laying on the couch with her head behind a kleenex box. Was it my singing? My cleaning was not noticeable to the naked eye, because it consisted of the cabinets in my bathroom above the washer/dryer and the drain in my tub (same bathroom). What the f@#*? you might say, but remember, I rent my house out for the summer. I have to get my "stuff" out of the way and the "stuff" I don't care so much about neatly placed on shelves and in cupboards. And those shelves and cupboards need to be cleaned. Why do I start this in February? Because I have a lot of "stuff"! And, evidently, a lot of dust on my shelves and gross stuff in my drains. Makes you want to rent my house, doesn't it?

So dear daughter ended the day snuggling in bed with me and posing this statement,
a. you are the greatest mom ever
b. I want to get an ass
c. it's vacation week, yee-ha
d. I think I will tatoo my shoulder when I am 14.

The answer is actually (b). Of course gutter brain here first went for the thought that she wanted a bigger butt (she is petite) and then went to the animal. She just said it because she wanted to say a swear aloud, but pretend she was talking about the animal. The english language when you are 10 is so funny!

I may consider showering tomorrow if those dust bunnies don't get me tonight!

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