Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jolted Awake

There is nothing like being jolted awake at 4:30 am remembering that you have forgotten to be the tooth fairy for the 2nd night in a row. I use to be so good writing elaborate notes, describing what their teeth were used for and leaving a book and 4 quarters. As they got a little older, I started slacking and not keeping a stack of books in the closet. Quite honestly, I thought B had lost all her teeth, but in the last week she has lost 2 honking molars. So the guilt got to me and I got up, wrote a little note about how the Super Bowl had distracted the tooth fairy and found a book I had never given her at Christmas. I feel ok about this, but I couldn't find her tooth. She must be like the Princess and the Pea tonight because I think she has it buried under 5 pillows of which I didn't want to disturb. Maybe the tooth fairy wanted her to keep it because it has got to be one of her last teeth- I hope.
We have come up with some elaborate, creative stories for the TF. For example, because TF gave a book and 4 quarters, one night I found myself rushing to Stop and Shop to buy a book after B and K had gone to bed. "This is ridiculous" I must have said, so the TF made the rule that if you lose a tooth after 5pm, you have to wait until the next night to put it under your pillow. After all the TF has to leave the castle by 5 and she wouldn't have brought an extra book in her pack. You may be surprised, but this has worked quite well. When B lost her tooth Sunday, she looked at the clock and said "Alright, it's 1:30!". Then I go and forget. Well, there was that thing called the Super Bowl and after my beloved Pats lost it was all I could do to get out of my puddle of tears and off the couch and into bed. Hmmm, could there be any more teeth left? I better go hit a bookstore today, just in case.

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