Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

It is Superbowl Sunday, but it also communion Sunday at our church. This happens the first Sunday of every month. DH and K went horseback riding and B and I went to church. She comes into my room completely decked out and informs me that I need to look good for church today. Not normal good, but extra fancy. I wonder why and she says because she is and that's that. OK, so I put on nylons which I haven't had on since a Christmas party mid December. That's always fun. I throw on a dress instead of my usual black pants and she approves of the outfit. Phew!

She calls communion "snack time". We go through 1/2 the service, she goes to Sunday school and comes back for "snack time". You have never seen a kid so happy for a teeny piece of white bread and grape juice. She watches the minister break the big loaf of bread and whispers to me that she wishes she could have a chunk of that. Then she says"Oh's pumpernickel" like it's poison. I say, "No I think it is wheat". So the congregation does not get that bread anyway, they get the cut Wonder white bread in neat little (teeny tiny) squares. In our congregation, the bread gets passed out, then we eat it all together, then the juice and we drink that all together. So here is our conversation while we are suppose to be praying or thinking about Jesus.

me "Remember, just one piece not a handful."
B "I think I know, I've done this a thousand times." (She has done this no more than 10 times)
B "My bread is stale."
me "Mine too."
B " But I want to roll mine in a little ball. K says that the bread is always stale that's why she doesn't like communion."
me trying to pay attention
B "I just had a little taste." "Look that kid up there got a chunk of the wheat! No fair!" (That kid up there is the alter boy).
me, starting to get the giggles..... we get to eat our bread.
me, giggling, "Mine is stuck in my teeth."
B "Mine is stuck in my apparatus." Now we are both giggling.
They start to serve the juice. B is practically levitating she is so excited. If K were there she would get 2 juices because K doesn't like grape juice. We take our little cup of juice.
B "Hey, these are new glasses because they are not glass, they are plastic." Then she starts sniffing her juice and saying "mmmmmmm". I have to take her glass out of her hands because I am sure she is going to spill it.
We all get to drink. B licks the glass clean. I am shaking and trying not to laugh at this point. She is fully laughing. The minister gets a large mug (sorry I don't know the official name of it) for his sip.
B " I hope David enjoys his big hunk of bread and his beer!"
At this point I am looking away from her trying not to burst out laughing. Tears are rolling down my face.
I think with her having the flu and being home all last week, she has either forgotten how to act in society or we have been spending way too much time together!
Now we are ready for stage 2 of the day.... the Pats game. We are all comfy in our Pats gear and have enough snacks to feed the team! Maybe I should have gotten extra Wonder bread and grape juice?


Melisa Wells said...

That was so funny!

"Mine is stuck in my apparatus!"

Your girls are hilarious. Thanks for reposting that! ;)

Wendi said...

Thanks for sharing again.