Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hip Hop

So I have now added 'hip hop mom' to my list of identities. I have been swim mom, gymnastics mom, daisy mom and am still horse mom. K and B started hip hop class last night. We went the week before to check it out and last night actually signed up. The instructor is from California and he and his wife moved here to start a hip hop/ballet studio. The hip hop studio is in the basement. As moms, maybe we have less expectations. My friend Court and I pulled up a piece of floor and sat down to wait out the classes. Mind you it was a little chilly in this hallway and the floor was hard, but for our kid's jackets we were sitting on and there were toddlers milling around. We still managed to talk, do the People magazine crossword (that's about the hardest I can handle) and read. In my mind I was thinking of a few improvements to suggest to the staff. Hmm, maybe benches and some hooks the kids could hang their jackets on...., but I didn't want to be "that" mom the first day.
There was one dad there that I knew. It was his girls first class as well. Dad's don't often think sitting on the floor is much of an option. He commandeered one of the 2 chairs offered and read the paper. Toward the end of the class, he came over and stood by me and rolled his eyes. Obviously he had been listening in on the same conversation I was. Even though I have a strong love of eavesdropping, you couldn't help, but hear these 3 women talking. One was talking about how she loved a guy that could pick her up. Then she went into details how her husband is a plumber and showed the other women the size of his forearms. They thought this was wonderful and very romantic that he could pick her up. Just for a visual, the woman was not petite. She was a 28 year old that has had a few kids, enough said. One of the other women was looking for a boyfriend and was asking the 28 yr old if she knew of anyone. This woman had to be more in her late 30s, maybe 40s. 28 yr old said that her brother was single. The older woman said well you are pretty so he must be hot. The dad I knew came over at about this point and told me that the other one was a stripper. She had at one point been a neighbor. Then the teenage boys started coming down for their class. Is there a law that says hip hop teens can't wear pants the right size or shave? They were a little more scary than the mom conversation. Hopefully my girls will not notice them for awhile.
After my intro to hip hop, Court and I took 5 kids to the Olive Garden. Coincidently, they sat us next to another family we knew, so we had a very loud corner. Do you know they give free samples of wine there? Court and I were trying to figure out how many times we could ask for a sample before we paid for a glass. Our waiter didn't seem to be in the mood for all of us, so we settled for 2 samples before our 6, I mean, 1 glass of wine. By the end of the night one of the kids took a dare and skipped around the restaurant singing Zippity Doo Dah. We were thrown out, I mean left at that point. So look forward to more stories from the hip hop jungle and dinners out on Mondays.


Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

My friend and I were hip hop moms last year - loved it so much WE, yep, the moms, joined the ADULT HIP HOP class this year....until I threw my back out...haha
now I am a hip hop drop-out!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

That's funny! NO,not the part about throwing your back out, but we are trying to get a hip hop class for moms going too! What could be funnier than a group of 30-40somethings in front of a big mirror thinking we're kids? I'll probably have to wear depends!