Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny Days Sweepin' the Clouds Away....

Today dawned sunny with birds singing and the temp even got into the 40s! Nothing like a sunny day to get things done after so many gray days in a row(feels like 3 months worth)! Before 8am, B pulled out a tooth that had been stuck wiggly for 1 year. Of course it was a bleeder which is nice early in the morning. I wasn't dettered though, the sun was out! Come downstairs to our dog, who is obsessed with squeaky tennis balls. She will play with her self and roll them off the table or drop them into boxes etc to have more fun trying to get them. Well she dropped one in my husband's cowboy boot (yes, I am married to a Cape Cod cowboy) this morning. This is her with full nose in the boot.

So after whipping up some pancakes for the girls, we head over to finish the second coat on B's room. Don't send the truant officer, it's school vacation week here. The camera doesn't really do the color's justice, but these are K's colorsThat's Razzle Dazzle and Kittery Point Green for any would be copy catters. And B's colors are Light Blue and Seafoam Green.

We came home, had lunch (tuna on bagels if you must know) and then completely emptied out my car. I am sorry I didn't take a picture of that. Let's see, we filled a large bag full of trash, there were cleats (um soccer season ended in November), a spoon, lots of hair accessories,cds, a gabillion crayons and markers, old mail, a few MacDonald's toys, lots of change and some things better left unknown. The best thing I found was a gift card to Crate and Barrel that I thought I had lost! Yee-ha! We vacuumed it and washed the windows. My car hasn't had this much pampering ever!

Then I took down the outside Christmas lights (I kept them up because I don't like it getting dark at 4, now it is staying lighter later), took down the wreaths, made a nice pile of bags for hubby to take to the dump, swept the garage all the while playing fetch with the dog. Went to the grocery store, finished the chicken noodle soup I started last night, had dinner, folded laundry, monitored showers and put kids (and hubby) to bed. Phew!

So, finally a productive day. Maybe I am just anticipating 2 days off Cape! The girls and I are taking a road trip to visit my brother, stay at his house, go to High School Musical-the ice show and stay one night at a hotel with a pool. Evidently I will do anything for my kids because I have to don a bathing suit in public in February in New England. Crap, that means I have to shave too. I will just have to add this to their very long list of 'things mommy sacrificed for you, now pick a 5 star nursing home for her someday'.


Jules said...

Hey Sue!

Good luck with the bathing suit thingy. Maybe take a heated towel, and a heated chair and a heated cabana.

Melisa Wells said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE that you cleaned out your car and found a gift card! Makes me want to try that! LOL

I'm glad you have some sunshine. The wind chill is -15 degrees today in Chicagoland...