Monday, February 18, 2008


Let me begin by telling you that Limited Too is my girls' favorite store. It is a girl's world, with hip clothing, accessories, shoes, pink stuff for your room, Miley Cyrus stuff, High School Musical get the picture. My sister in law(who has 3 boys) introduced K to this store when she barely fit into the clothes. I had been avoiding it on purpose and sticking to the casual (cute) clothing of the Gap and Old Navy. I remember when she came home from that mall trip with her cute little angelic face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Mommy, there is a store at the mall that is JUST FOR GIRLS!" Ever since that day we have been cult members of Limited Too. I would be broke if I said we bought a lot of clothes from there. They do not mince on the prices one bit. You are paying mucho bucks for all that pinkness around you! I, however, excel at sale's racks and can usually find them a few things to fit the gift cards they love to get.

So, the other day I was listening to my phone messages when I recognized a perky little voice immediately. It was Jessica from Limited Too. She happily wanted to inform me that some coupon was due to expire in the next few days, so I should rush in and buy something. Once a month Jessica calls to remind us of some bargain at Limited 2. She sounds like that cheerleader in high school that has blonde bouncy hair, perfect skin, perfect body, perky breasts and dates the quarterback. She always starts the call with, "Hiiiii, this is Jessica...". Some days I am in my sweats, having not showered, feeling pretty, with a list of 15 things that have to be done in the next hour and SHE calls. I am not special to receive her calls. She is broadcast to the Limited Too cult society thru voicemail everywhere. This time, she also wanted to give us the heads up that a Limited Too 'catazine' was coming in the next few days. A what? I guess, just being a catalog isn't good enough for them. Curious, I took a look when it came (after I pried it out of K and B's hands). Their catazine is very much a catalog. No extra stories, advice, or anything that would make you believe it was a magazine. Does this surprise me? Not really. Why shouldn't the perky cheerleader have a perky new word to go with her spiel. Now I just have to think of a word that has to do with money, credit card and check so I can pay like the perky gal I am. Hmmm, how about cheditey, mocreck, credmonck......nothing flows quite like catazine though. Maybe I'll give Jessica a call and ask her.


Corby said...

I vote for cheditey! Hahaha great post! I found your blog a few days ago and just wanted to say that I love the picture on your page of the girl waving to the boat.

Amy said...

HAHA!! Jessica calls me too! My older two are growing out of Limited Too and moving on to Abercrombie, but number 3 is ready to take their place. This is the point where I wish I had boys and all they needed were khakis and jeans!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Thank you, Corby. That's actually one of my girls waving to my husband (he's a commercial fisherman).
Thanks for stopping by you guys! :)