Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Big Redneck Wedding

OMG! Has anyone seen this latest reality show? It is on CMT. I watched 2 last night for the first time and it was like watching a car accident..... I couldn't turn away! The show is hosted by Tom Arnold. He pops up on the screen and makes comments once and while, he is not actually with the bride and groom. OK, so in the part of the 1st show I watched, the groom and his men were in camo tuxes and orange hunting hats. The groom gave the bride a pink rifle for a wedding present and she gave him a lizzard or something reptilian. My husband was totally into this show and I walked in in the middle. I wasn't going to watch the next one, because my man, Dan, was on MSNBC, but I kept going back to it! I am slightly embarrassed to even admit that. Sorry you can't hear my sweet fake southern accent in this blog. HA. So, it starts off with the groom on a motorized bar stool with a beer holder. Something he made from crap laying around. They go to meet the minister at his house, have a few beers, ask him questions like "how many ceremonies have you performed?". His answer, "none". Come to find out he became ordained while he was in prison. He figured he was bored so why not become ordained? For the groom's present, his bride-to-be walks a horse through the house, puts on some chaps (with nothing else) and poses naked on the horse in the front yard. Yee-ha. The groom takes 3 buddies to a lingerie store to find something for his bride. The saleswoman with the green hair asks if she likes to be tied up? He says, "Nah, I tried that once and she didn't like it much". So he settles for a see through white robe, but it has long sleeves (she doesn't like long sleeves). His buddy has an answer for that and cuts the sleeves off with his pocket knife right outside the store.
So, my recommendation, if you have had a bad day and need to be cheered up, watch My Big Redneck Wedding. You will be a. amazed
b. in shock
c. rolling on the floor in disbelief
d. wetting your pants laughing
e. thankful your husband didn't want camo for a color scheme.


Anonymous said...

Lol! I love this show! I actually rode my horse into a friends house at my wedding reception ten years ago! (Thank God they're horse lovers lol!)

Saga said...

c'mon, that picture of you in the waders and nothing else isn't that different than chaps...