Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crushes Part 2

My mom reminded me of one other crush I had growing up. Doug Flutie. He was the quarterback for Boston College and then played in Canada and for the Pats for awhile. I wore his number when I played powder puff football in high school. I also hung that shirt at 1/2 mast from our flag pole, the day he got married. It's hard when the guy you have a crush on gets married because even if you really didn't want to marry him someday, the marriage thing finalizes the romantic thought that you might. Thanks Mom for bringing that all back to my conscious memory. It had been repressed for many years.
My girls and I went to see a movie about their "crushes" yesterday. The Hannah Montana 3D movie was playing 1 1/2 hours away in Providence, RI. Our school district did not have school yesterday so we were able to catch the 11 am show. Us and 15 other people. All the shows after 3 had been sold out for the week, but the am show was wide open. Yay for teacher inservice days! B loves Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus. K loves Nick Jonas who is in the Jonas Brothers Band who toured with Miley/Hannah. Here they are with their cool 3D shades and official Hannah Montana popcorn bucket. Of course I tried to take this picture in the movie theater with my phone and it came out very dark. Surprising, no? This gives you the full effect of the food court behind their blurry selves. I guess I was so excited after the movie, my hands were shaking! The movie was actually very cool and made up for the fact that I didn't shell our $1000 a ticket to take them to the actual concert. Miley/Hannah reached her microphone out to B and Nick reached out his hand to K. This combined with a trip to Build a Bear and Limited 2 to spend Christmas gift cards made this an out of this world day! So Miley/Hannah or Nick, if you are reading this blog give your number one fans a call!

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