Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'Ashes' from Disney

Please scroll down for my blogging party debut! The party is going all week long! Just look for the disco ball and the platform shoes!

The big project in 3rd grade is the living museum. The kids get to pick a "famous" person in history, read a book or 2 about him/her and then dress up like the person. Tomorrow is the living museum part. All 60 3rd graders will line up in the gym according to the age of their person. They will be 'frozen', but when someone walks up to them, they will come alive and speak in the first person about him/herself. B picked Gwen Stefani. Not quite as famous in history as her bff ,Betsy Ross, but famous, yes. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the fashionable Gwen.

Today, the 3rd graders practiced by going to some classrooms. B was a wreck this morning and practiced her 30 sec speech many times. "Hi, I am Gwendolyn Renee Stefani! I was born in Anaheim, California. I lived so close to Disney World that asses from the fireworks would float into my backyard." OK, so she meant "ashes". Once she realized what she said, we both started cracking up. Then she expounded on the thought with, "Hey watch out, there is an ass from Disney flying into our backyard."
Well, that laugh fest made her a whole lot less nervous and me more so. All I could imagine was her going to a 1st grade room and repeating that story. Ugh. Thankfully there was no talk of asses at school, although I did warn her teacher that ash can be a very tricky word.


Jules said...

You are SO going to post a video of her all dressed up and reciting her speech, right? In addition to pics.

And re the laundry thing - were you kidding about barn wifey, or am I a little slow here - probably the latter.

You know the laundry thing? Well, at the beginning of our lovely wedded bliss I... ahem... "accidently-on-purpose" messed up the laundry. Hubby, wearing pink, was so sure that HE could do a better job with the laundry now does most of it.
*big evil smile here*

MaBunny said...

Hiyas, told you I'd be back today. My daughter too is in the third grade, and their first project for the year was to make a Valentine machine, there were some real doozies, and I will post a picture of hers on my blog soon ( had to take with regular camera , digital was messing up at the time)

Definitely want to see her dressed up as Gwen, probably adorable:))
take care and have a great day

As Cape Cod Turns said...

OK, You 2 inspired me to conquer youtube! Thank you!

Jules, I was joking about the barn wife. I don't live in Utah or anything where they believe in more than 1 wife. She is just the person that takes care of the animals when DH is out fishing. If I waited for him to do laundry, I would be at Target buying new undies every week! LOL.No matter if I had dyed everything pink or not!