Thursday, March 13, 2008

Entitled Politicians

Scroll down for blogger party, look for the disco ball and platform shoes! Can't have a party without them!

What is up with the power and entitlement that elected officials feel they possess? I just don't get it. If my husband spent $80,000 on call girls, I think I would kill him, not stand next to him, while he resigned from being govenor. I think I would notice the money missing, too. Hard to cover that up with a few Budweisers and scratch cards. I suppose in New York, that analogy would be martinis and horse races. Whatever, I feel bad for the man's wife and daughters. Now the funny/odd/ironic thing is that I took papers out today to run for School Committee in my little town. Now this is an elected position. Will all this power go to my head? Do I have a spare $80,000 to spend on boy toys? Do I even have a spare $80 to spend on boy toys or a cute skirt for that matter? Hopefully my blogging friends will keep me grounded, ...if not ......I can't even go there!


Corby said...

HAHAH don't do it Sue! I was wondering the exact same thing though - why was mrs. governor just standing next to him, looking like this was just another boring press conference? Seriously. And in a suit, no less.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

If my husband spent $80K on call girls then I get to spend $80K in Tiffanys. And if that's not an official rule then it should be.