Monday, March 31, 2008

First Meme

I really don't have any idea what a meme is, but the word is thrown around the blogosphere like a hot potato. In french it means "the same". I'm guessing it means do the same thing I do, only in your words. Someone, feel free to tell me if I am anywhere close to solving this mystery. Anyway, I have jumped on to Laskigals meme she offered up to anyone today. By the way, there are some hot pictures of her husband's hair on her blog......Here are the rules:

  • Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.

  • Open the book to page 123.

  • Find the 5th sentence.

  • Post the next 3 sentences.

  • Tag 5 people.
OK, #1, I am not one for tagging people, so if you would like to indulge in this meme, let me know and knock yourself out. #2 The last book I read was Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, which I have already sung praises about. Since then, too much relocating my parents, so I have read nothing longer than a 5 page article and even that took a few days. So I just meandered over to the bookcase and grabbed, How to Say It to Girls: Communicating with Your Growing Daughter
This is what I found.....(Topic is Spirituality)
"*Let's say 3 things we're each thankful for before I tuck you into bed.
*I'm praying to God for help to figure out what to do.
*I believe that there's a strong energy for good in the world.
Encourage her questions about religion and spirituality."

Nothing juicy there, just some good wholesome advice. Now you know I will be going to page 123 of the next book I read to check things out. I am planning on having time to read another book around Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Just over from Vintage Thirty. I love this meme. Here's my answer:
The book is the very exciting Portable Literature. The sentences are, " Emily is clearly the story's protagonist. In the sense that he opposes her wishes, Homer is the antogonist. What other characters - or what larger forces- are in conflict with Emily?" All good stuff that I'm sure my students pondered for 30 seconds or so.

Laski said...

I love seeing what others are reading. I just finished Sleeping with Ward myself--that sounded weird, didn't it? Funny book!

I had to check out what meme meant when I was first tagged . . . I have to check out a lot of things in this bloggy universe.

Thanks for playing along!

Jenny Gardiner said...

Hi! Isn't the blogworld fun--I got a Google Alert with Sleeping with Ward Cleaver in it and I came back here! Of course I've been meaning to get back over here anyhow, especially as I LOVE your layout (I'm a pink girl LOL).
I"m going to have to MEME Sleeping with Ward Cleaver and see what's on p. 123 and whooo-hooo I was glad to see that Laskigal liked SWWC and I just happened to link over to her blog and cracked up about her husband's hair and his (marching) band ;-)

Oh, I just checked page 123 and it has to do with Mark and Teeny and her propensity for oral loving...

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Jenny, Maybe I will just mention SWWC every day just to drive you crazy and make you keep coming back! I would have done the meme on that, but my mom is enjoying it at her house!

Jenny Gardiner said...

Ha! That's funny because it would actually work! You should see my computer desktop--I constantly have reminders popping up from my calendar like every 10 minutes. Otherwise I forget EVERYTHING!

I think you need to get mom to meme SWWC ;-). I'll be curious to hear what your mom thinks of it!

Anonymous said...

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