Sunday, March 2, 2008

ghost ship

Guess what? I went to the beach today and got some color in my cheeks! OK, so it was wind burn and about 30 degrees out, but, dammit, the sun was shining!

B, my Dad and I went up to Wellfleet today to check out a hull of a boat that was probably made in the 1800s. The storms of this winter have eroded the beach so much that it unearthed this wooden hull. Think about that. People have been enjoying this beach for 200 or so years and all that time, underneath it, was a hull of a boat that sank at sea. Pretty cool.
I have never been to Stonehenge, but it was a pilgrimage of sorts. People trekking in thick sand and a strong breeze to witness history.

There was this sign posted warning us not to take any part of this history.

My Dad and B standing near the hull. What's that? You think B is wearing a wooly mammoth on her head? Well ,yeah she is, but hey, it keeps her warm!
Here is the hull, up close and personal. It was low tide, but I guess at high tide it is covered and the sand around it keeps disappearing. It was pretty cool because instead of nails they used rounded wood. Also, they were able to bend the wood so it curved on the bottom of the boat.

And finally a picture of B and me. I knew you were waiting to see me bundled up like the Eskimo I felt like. At least I had on my cool shades.

Finally, on our trek back to the year 2008, we had a little fun with our shadows.

See? Half on the beach, half in the water. So the water was a chilly 36 degrees. Our shadows didn't seem to mind.


Corby said...

You're so lucky the sun is shining where you are! I saw it for just a second today and I swear I got a sunburn: I am so pastey white!

Jules said...

So my east coast geography, at least in the area where you live, is a little rusty. Where, or at least, how far is Wellfleet (love the name by the way) from where you are?

And I'm still curious about the fabulous picture at the top of your blog. Not to nag or anything so gauche as that of course.

Just Because

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Yes, seeing the sun does make a huge difference in a day. It's sunny today too and I heard BIRDS SINGING! Could spring be far off?

Yes, Jules, I took the picture at the top. The day DH and K were riding horses on the beach. Thanks for nagging! :)

As far as Cape Cod goes. Imagine your arm curved up like you were showing off your biceps. Provincetown is where your fingers are, Wellfleet is between your fingers and elbow, Chatham(where I live) is the elbow, Hyannis ("the city" ok, so it has a mall and bjs and toys r us) is around your bicep and Falmouth is right around your underarm (the pit of the cape- that's just a joke, it is a lovely town). I bet you never knew your arm could hold so much information! It took about 25 minutes to get to Wellfleet, by the way. Geography lesson over for today! :)

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

That shipwreck is amazing...I'm glad you got the chance to go there with the girls before it is gone forever.