Monday, February 25, 2008

B's Birth Story

OK, I was with my family with 10 month old K and asked if Thanksgiving could be at my house that year. This was April. They were all like yeah, whatever. I said that I NEEDED to be near my house. Finally it dawned on them to ask why.

Thanksgiving came and went. B decided she was comfy where she was. Finally 9 days late I went into labor. Nothing like a little experience. I could feel my contractions, but they were not hurting. I had been 4 cent. for like a month. DH and I drove to the hospital, calmly walked in, changed into my pretty gown and asked for an epidural. The nurse looked at me and said, "You don't seem to be in too much pain." I said, "Not at the moment and I would like to keep it that way." The consensus was to break my water and then see. OK, after that I was feeling them. Ouch! They thought I was writhing enough then to give me an epidural.

My sister walks in at 4am or so and cracks up because DH and I are hanging out watching a movie. 16 candles, maybe. The nurse comes in periodically and checks things. Finally she comes in and says, "Don't you feel like pushing?" "No not really is that what I am here to do?" Anyway, my OB comes in and is convinced this is a smaller baby, demands that we turn off the tv because it is distracting her(who's birth is this, I was enjoying it) and gets to work. I figured out the right way to push this time and B was born as I watched the sun come up. The first thing I hear is "Wow, look at the size of her shoulders!" Then my Dr. saying "Looks like she was bigger than I thought." Yes, 9lbs7oz with record wide shoulders...thank God for epidurals!


Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

I just got this entry this am so I will enter you in TODAY's running for Tuesday's Showcase.

Thanks for playing!! Loved your story!!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Just posted my #2 story...wish I had had your epidural would have been nice...