Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Girl Crushes

Surprising as this might seem, there are days that my DH is not quite so dear. How many times does one need to be asked to go to the dump? Instead of clearing a dish onto the counter, how about putting it in the dishwasher? Hmm, same goes for clothes in the wash. There are many fine qualities to this man, but sometimes they get hidden by day to day life. My solution for this is to have a crush. No, I am not saying affair! No, I am not saying I don't love my husband. It's a middle school crush for pete's sake. Who, you ask, do I have a crush on? Do they live in town? Can we start some local rumors? Should I hide my husband under lock and key? No, no one local, no one I've ever met, no one I've ever seen in person, just your average sports guy and news guy.
Crush #1Tom Brady
Quarterback for the New England Patriots and newest Stetson guy. I mean even if you don't like football or the Patriots, you have to think this guy is beautiful. And he is a really nice guy. At least that is what my sources tell me. So he had a baby out of wedlock. Nobody's perfect. I bet he would go to the dump for me without me reminding him.

Crush #2

Dan Abrams
Has a show on MSNBC at 9 EST most weeknights. This picture does him no justice at all. He is not drop dead gorgeous like Tom Brady, but he has beautiful eyes. It's all about the eyes. Anyway, he is who I try to tune into every night. He is a lawyer, he has conquered testicular cancer and he is very sarcastic. Hmm, me liking someone sarcastic. He is very witty and gives opinion of top news items of the day. He has a segment at the end called Winners and Losers and either trashes or praises people for things they've done that particular day. It could be political people, random people, movie stars, anyone is fair game. I like to believe he would come home at the end of the day, pour me a glass of wine, and sit and ask me about my day and LISTEN to my answers.

So there you have it, my 2 school girl crushes for today. These join the list of other long ago crushes, Erik from the Bay City Rollers, Shawn Cassidy, Donnie Osmond, Ingemar Stenmark, Phil Mahre, Rob Blume, etcc..... The priority of what I look for in a person changes as I get older, but the eyes don't.


Anonymous said...

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Saga said...

Ah, Brady was infamously photographed wearing a Yankees hat and carrying a manpurse.