Friday, January 11, 2008


With 5 tweens in the house tonight, I am lucky to be sitting for a few minutes. 3 are doing "makeovers" and 2 are playing Wii. The 3 5th grade girls had a rollerblading night at the middle school. I thought they were going to the prom. They all met here before the skate night. After school they had gone home, had showers, picked an outfit and came over. My daughter, K, was doing the same thing here. Actually first she rested up on the couch for an hour. They were all giddy on arrival at the middle school. I was allowed to go as far as the door, not anywhere near the gym. When I picked them up outside, the first thing they told me was about the bratty 6th grade boys. Evidently a pack of them had been following them around all night teasing them. I was proud of K, because she actually stood up to them at one point and told them to knock it off. However, it continued. The enlightening news they told me was that kissing wasn't cool anymore, touching teeth were. Ewww, TMI for the mom! Thankfully they thought it was gross too! Now they are doing makeovers. My only comment to that is my 5 year younger sister put my makeup on for my junior prom. I had no idea what to use or how to do it. How do 10 year olds know?
The 2 nine year olds are playing Wii. One has had a makeover (that would be B of couse). B has already asked for cold medicine (she has the snuffles, but begged on her knees to have a sleepover). Hmmm, maybe I can give it to all of them to assure their slumber by 11pm. Maybe not.
We completed the wall from h*#@ today at my parents house for those of you who were wondering from yesterday. I don't think any of us would be sad to not have to do that again for a long time (like ever!).

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Lucille said...

So...did you survive the sleepover?

Thanks for popping by my blog - hope to see you again soon!