Monday, January 7, 2008


Bedtime is always an interesting time in our house. Tonight I actually got both of them to go to sleep in their own beds. This in itself is an accomplishment. So B was all snuggy with her multitude of soft blankets and down comforter. She likes to think of something as she goes to sleep. Tonight's suggestion was think of how you want your new room to look. We had already started talking about this at dinner and she said that she wanted a "red carpet". So I said, "Oh, I had a red carpet in my bedroom growing up". She says, "Not on the floor, on the wall". DH says, "No way am I putting carpeting on your wall!" She goes not a real carpet a RED carpet. I say, "Oh a flying carpet, like Aladdin"? She says, "No like Hollywood!" All in all, she wanted me to paint a 3D red carpet on her wall and draw Mylie Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale walking down it. Um, hello, I am a photographer, not a painting artist! So anyway, I left her in her "nest" thinking of other room ideas while I went in to put K to bed. She was busy organizing earrings and some Christmas gifts. She told me to look at the dreamy poster of Nick Jonas she had put up. "Very hot" I say in my most hip voice. I lay down next to her and she starts in on how much she loves the Jonas Brothers (tween band/Disney Channel) and she wants to move to Hollywood, become famous and meet them. She mentions she dreams about them every night. My hip voice becomes my teenage fantasy voice and says, "Oh I use to dream about Donnie Osmond, Shaun Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers"! Sadly enough, I have never met them. The water works ensue because somehow she interprets that as under no circumstances will she ever meet Nick Jonas, that I have CRUSHED her dream and SQUASHED her hopes. Did I mention she was a drama queen? So I try to say maybe you will move to Hollywood and meet them someday, but the crying and carrying on about me crushing her hopes continues. So I say, "I'll be back". Not so much like Arnold, but more like I can't believe you are crying about this, I just want to go downstairs to sit in peace and quiet for 15 minutes.
Walking by B's room, I notice light on, paper and pencil in hand. She has written 10 more ideas of how she can do her room. Seafoam green and surfboards, a jungle theme, a soccer room, a room all about her, and on and on....Great honey, how about you go to sleep now. Back to K's room, still crying and blaming me. "All I want for my birthday is backstage tickets to the Jonas Brother's show! That's all, nothing else, even if it's not in my birthday month....." Sure honey and I will just grab some pocket change off the money tree in the backyard while I am getting your tickets. They are now in a peaceful slumber for a few hours before musical beds start.....aaaahhhhh.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

I had forgotten about the Bay City Rollers!

And you're the one with the money tree? My teenage daughter wants to live with you.