Monday, January 21, 2008


So one way to make money on Cape Cod is to rent your house out for the summer. People pay a lot of money to vacation on the cape because of it's beauty, beaches, shopping, nice weather, you get the picture. So many of us list our houses on sites like and Where do we go, one might ask? Some rent smaller houses for the summer, some go to a 2nd house off cape, some live in very small houses that they bought for the purpose of renting their big house, some travel and some camp. Last summer was our first taste of renting out our house. We downsized to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house which was fun and fine and made us appreciate our regular house all the more. We left games and puzzles in our rental house for the renters if there happened to be a rainy day (or they got tired of the that possible?). Anyway, we moved back in in September. While I was reorganizing closets and such, I came across the bingo game we had left. It was in the coat closed on the top shelf, not anywhere near the "game" closet. It looked like only about 1/2 the little yellow balls were in the box. I didn't really care or think much of it.... that is until I started cleaning. Every once in awhile, I would find a little yellow ball in the family room, under a piece of furniture. A month or so later, I found some in the dining room under the hutch, a month after that a few in the living room. Every time I found them I chuckled because I could only imagine what happened to the bingo game. The other day I changed around the family room and moved the rug. Under the tv stand were 3 yellow balls and under the rug were 2 bingo cards. I spoke with one of my return renters the other day and asked her if she had played Bingo while here. She said no and why. So I told her and she laughed, but it didn't happen during her week. So the mystery of the bingo game remains, but has given me a few laughs thru the fall and winter. Maybe I will get a new one for this summer's renters with different colored balls.....

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Lucille said...

Ha, ha - that IS strange! Neat story about renting your place - I actually had wondered about that.

Thanks too for your comments and thoughts about replying. I'm just going to do what I do and hope it keeps working!

Have a good one!