Thursday, January 10, 2008


Nothing like spending a few hours of your morning taking off wallpaper with your parents! My mom and dad have just bought a house that was in serious disrepair, but "the view, the view, once we get the trees down, think of the view!" That is what my dad kept saying to my mom who was, let's say, not exactly on board with the whole idea. My dad won out and now that the trees are down, it is a fantastic view of a small lake. There are 2 swans that live directly in their view too. This of course sold my mom. Anywho, my dad and brother have done, by far, the majority of wallpaper removal. Today was my mom and my day to get involved. Of course this was the first room to involve the steamer, lots of sponging on de-gluer, and a multitude of scraper things. The pieces were coming off in 1/2 dollar size pieces. Good time! We can't wait to start on the big wall tomorrow! I can only imagine my mom and dad having soup and a beer thru a straw tonight for dinner. I don't know how they are going to move their arms. They are old enough to retire and travel or go to Florida like the rest of Cape Cod seniors do for the winter. No, they have "chosen" to remodel a house. I commend their spirit, but do wish for easier days for them. Maybe that will come in the spring, when they are sitting on their big deck enjoying their view, actually using their arms to lift their beer mug and chuckling about the wallpapered room from h*%#.

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