Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yellow Balloons

Thanks to fellow, soon to be famous, blogger Dawn, I was introduced to Julian, a 4 yr old boy, with a cancerous brain tumor. Thru Julian's mom's postings on carepages, B, K and I became very attached to the family. Julian passed away on Saturday and his funeral was today. At the funeral his mom asked everyone to wear yellow and after the service they were going to let go of lots of yellow balloons. Yellow was Julian's favorite color. Since that all happened in Texas, B and I (K was horseback riding)had our own ceremony here this afternoon. We got 3 yellow balloons. I gave B a few choices of where to let the balloons go, next to the ocean or at the cemetery. She decided the cemetery. Unfortunately I have a friend who has 2 babies buried there. We decided if we sent the balloons in front of them then they would get to meet Julian too. So like we did when one of our horses died, we had a little ceremony with prayers to God. We asked Him to watch out for Julian and introduce him to people that we knew in Heaven. We let the balloons go and B wanted to watch until we couldn't see them anymore. So we did. Then she said, "OK, the balloons made it thru the big gates and God must be presenting them to Julian right now". She was killing me with this. So I said, "Yes, you are probably right". Then she asked me why I didn't want to let them go by the ocean. I said because sometimes sea creatures wind up eating the balloons and getting sick. This was practical me who could only imagine the balloon police coming to get us because balloons are not healthy for the environment. But 9 yr old B says, "Why would you worry about that? The balloons are in Heaven with Julian." God Bless the wise-ness of that kid.

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