Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

We got a foot of snow yesterday and last night! Haha to anyone who says it never snows on Cape Cod. Ok, well it doesn't all that often, but it is fun when it happens! The wind's still blowing about 30-40 right now, but somehow my DH thinks he is going fishing tonight. LOL. The check book must be haunting him. So K and Gretel enjoyed the snow today as did my 2 nephews J and C. The funny thing about this snow is that there are 2feet in some spots and an inch in others.

This didn't seem to faze them as steps and walls were included in the fun they were having.
Where was B? She has had the flu since Saturday. That's what I am calling it anyway. She has had high fevers, sleeps a lot, hasn't left her favorite chair much and has colored about 100 pictures. She was up with a 104 fever last night talking about the zipper in her head that was shooting colors from it. Hmmm, got to love a good fever talk. Threw her in the shower and gave her some advil all the while praying that she wouldn't have a seizure (heard this happens with high fevers and this was a high one for her). I knew an ambulance would never make it up our driveway with a foot of snow and it not being plowed. I was imagining me bundling her on the sled and carting her down the driveway. Thankfully, none of this happened. She just became very chatty. She was asking me all sorts of questions like, "When you played softball in high school were you better at throwing or hitting?"I asked her where this was coming from and she said that she was just trying to make conversation. Mind you this was at 3:30am! (I was better at throwing, by the way).
This morning I decide that she does need to go to the Dr. so I shoveled part of the driveway, DH was watching from the window. He becomes paralyzed when it is below 30 degrees, especially if there is snow on the ground. He should go to Florida like the senior citizens do from here for the winter because it is too cold here. He is only 41. Suck it up! That's a whole'nother blog for another time.
So I get B into the truck. She hasn't been out in 2 days. The snow is very pretty on the trees and bushes. Then she makes 2 comments about the same trees in practically the same sentence that I never thought I would hear together. "Those trees are humping. They look like they are praying." I understood what she meant, but she needs to figure out that her mother has a dirty mind and goes straight to the slang description of certain words. So she is chit chatting away for the 40 minutes it takes us to get to the Drs. We get there, walk in and are immediately met by a bevy of sick children in a small stuffy waiting room. Nothing like the pediatricians on a Monday morning. Makes you want to bathe in Purel. We get in our little room, B recites her ailments to the nurse, gets a throat culture and we wait (and wait and wait.....). She asks me if she gets to wear one of those Charlies. This takes me a minute. "Charlies?" I ask. You know, the cool robes. "Oh," I chuckle, "You mean a Johnny!" "Charlie/Johnny, whatever", she says. I can't make this stuff up.
She gets checked out, no meds, just rest and fluids, permission to play in the snow for 15 minutes and a sticker. She comes home, has alphabet soup ("with too many things in it" aka: vegetables) and is now in bed. "I can't believe this is the 3rd day in a row I have had to take a nap!" Poor you, many moms would pay big money for a nap! I am going to continue bulking up on my Vitamin C ( with or without the vodka, you decide!).

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