Monday, January 7, 2008


Honestly, I could post all day on things my daughter B says. She is a precocious 9 year old and has an opinion on everything. Today she told me that she and her friend Chris were talking "text messaging" in the lunch line. So I bit and said, "What does that mean?". "Well, you know, like I said Chris you better get over here asap and he said rofl." Of course she is not saying the letters, she is sounding out the 'word'. She did then say, "Then I said, LOL"! It's unbelievable that 2 9 year olds can be having this discussion.
We are moving back into a house we lived in 4 years ago. It is smaller than the house we live in now, but closer (hello backyard!) to where our horses are. Anyway B and I went to check it out this afternoon. Her first question was, "Whoa, did K's old room shrink or what?" Hmmm, couldn't be that you were a little smaller/younger when you lived here and it appeared bigger. So we checked out the house, she decided which room she wanted this time and as we were leaving she says, "Now all we need is some pocket change for some paint." Who is she Donald Trump's kid? Pocket change?
The other night I decided to take the plunge and read the girls a very colorful, generalish book about bodies and where babies come from. Thanks to Jamie Lynn Spears, my cover was blown on the "you can't have babies until your married" theory. So there is a picture of a naked boy, nothing they haven't seen from their boy cousins, B makes a few comments. Then we move onto the naked girl, and then the HOW the 2 come together and create life. Well according to K, sperm look like balloons and eggs look like balls. B is sitting there putting it all together and didn't quite get IT until I gave her more of a hand gesture and then said, "Oh No! You mean the boys penis goes in your baby hole?" After I choked, I was able to say (in a very grown up manor LOL), "Yes, you are right, but this is something for 2 people in love who are trying to have a baby." (She doesn't need to know everything!) Then she looks at me in horror and asks if DH and I have done this. So I reply, "I have you 2 don't I?" Then she had a lot of questions of which I side barred for another talk. This one had taken all the energy I had left at 8pm. I then made them promise not to go chatting onto their friends about this and that if they had any questions or heard any rumors, please come to me. I had a vision of B standing up in front of her classroom giving a health lesson. Ugh. So things were fine until today I said to DH who has been fishing a lot, that the girls learned a few things the other night. And B blurts out the statement of how babies are made. I have never seen him leave for the boat so fast. I think sparks were flying off of his fishing boots.

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Saga said...

You are NOT moving. BTW, I will be sending little S and little J over for the talk soon. There is no way I can have that conversation.