Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and my dog, Gretel, was running around the yard. I would call her a few times and she would come back. That's impressive in itself. One time I looked out and their were purple fuzzy socks in the driveway. Hmmm, she must have gotten them out of the garage. Then I called her and she came flying out of the garage. Hmmm, brain keeps turning. Finally I call her in, give her a treat and actually look at her face. Hmmmm, some yellow something by her mouth. Then it hits me and I ask her, " Did you get into the garbage in the garage?" I swear she turned her face away from me like she was saying guilty as charged and then layed down with her butt toward me. Sure enough, I went into the garage and their was sh*# everywhere.
Fast forward to today... "Mom, there is a yellowish brownish papertowel in the living room!" Coupled with "Ewwww, gross" and my favorite, "You better wear gloves!" Evidently it is something that she has vomitted up from yesterdays escapades in the garage.
This whole dog thing is new to me. Growing up I had goldfish and gerbils. Me being very allergic to all things furry gave my parents the ultimate excuse not to have high maintenance pets. Now there are designer dogs for the allergic. I caved and we got a labradoodle with the agreement that it was the family dog, not just my dog. Hmm, guess who spends most of the day with the dog? You got it, me. This, of course, amuses my friends greatly because not only do I have a dog, we have a fish tank, 6 horses, a goat, 5 bunnies and a stray kitten showed up in the barn one day. Guess who's been getting allergy shots for 6 months?Are they working? Not exactly yet, so if anyone know of designer horses for allergy sufferers, let me know!

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